Hamdard is not merely a commercial enterprise but is an institution of social welfare. It has dedicated itself to national uplift and welfare of the people. Its entire proceeds are spent in national and international humanitarian pursuits, through Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has a broad-based programme that includes the establishment of educational institutions, professional colleges, hospitals and free mobile dispensaries providing free or low-cost treatment to the common man; plus research laboratories, institutes and many other social welfare and philanthropic activities.

To administer and control the philanthropy separately and independently from a business unit, the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan was established in 1964. It is the first NGO of its kind that came into being in Pakistan. Hamdard Foundation Pakistan looks towards Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf), the manufacturing arm of the organization, for financial support of its projects and programmes of public welfare to serve humanity. The Foundation has certain general objectives, such as establishment of academic, educational, professional and commercial institutes for the welfare of society, and to assist those already in existence, building of schools, training institutes and programmes, as well to assist authors, writers, intellectuals, scholars and teachers in their academic pursuits.