Dr Hafiz Mohammad Ilyas Institute of Pharmacology & Herbel Sciences

The founder, Hakim Mohammed Said Shaheed believed that civilizations, standing at the edge of the abyss of ignorance, could be salvaged by knowledge alone. The Institute is a repository of a large number of books, journals, periodicals, manuscripts and various valuable clippings from the print media. The Institute has been designed to undertake research in the history of medicine, sciences and social sciences.

The Institute has had the privilege of the association of scholars like Dr. Montgomery Watt, Dr. Hussain Nassar,Dr. Sami Khalf Hamarneh, and Dr. Hussain Qasim. With its large library, the Bait al-Hikmah Research Institute was conceived by the Founder Chancellor as the base on which the edifice of a university was to be built.



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