News Paper Clippings


It is a general opinion that life of the newspaper is only for one day. It is not true. The topics, appear in newspapers, are arranged in scientific way into files. In view current information this section has gained an important position. Due to this the section has been centre of special attention as founded by Hakim Mohammed Said Shaheed in the Bait al-Hikmah Library.

The library receives 19 newspapers daily. Qualified Librarians and Subject Specialists select clipings according to their approved subject list. these clipings, after necessary processing are classified according to the Dewy Decimal classification and are filed date wise. This section is being maintained since 1951. Three Point Sixty Eight (3.68) million clippings on 1300 topics are preserved. If information on any topic is solicited through letters and other means of communication such request are diligently entertained by the library staff of the Bait al-Hikmah.