Hamdard Naunehal Assembly


It is a platform provided by Hamdard for the young people to get together. It encourages a positive awareness of the physical and intellectual forces that surround them.

The basic purpose of this forum is to teach children to be articulate enough to express themselves clearly, logically and persuasively and acquire leadership skills. What the children speak upon is equally important as it gives them a definite sense of direction and a feeling of self-reliance with self-restraint.

Bazm-e-Hamdard Naunehal i.e. Hamdard Children Forum is now Naunehal Assembly. From 1985 to 1994 young speakers of 8 to 15 years used to speak on different burning topics of the day in Bazm-e-Hamdard Naunehal. From January 1995, the name has been changed Now it is called Naunehal Assembly it works as a children’s parliament similar to the parliament of a country.

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