Journey of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The journey of Hamdard Pakistan a non-governmental organization began in 1948 when after the birth of Pakistan Hakim Mohammed Said, Founder President of Hamdard in Pakistan established Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) at Karachi for the manufacture of Herbal medicines. Within a few years from modest beginning and after trials and tribulations it grew into a leading national institution in the field of herbal medicines. Demand, progress and expansion demanded more space. Today Hamdard Industrial Complex or “Hamdard Sanaat Abad” as it is known, spread on 32 acres of land, has transformed a conservative pharmaceutical industry into a modern scientific one, serving national and international demands. 

In 1953 Hamdard from being a national institution became a national trust when Hakim Mohammed Said sole owner of the thriving prosperous Hamdard created “The Hamdard Foundation Pakistan” to channelize its philanthropy. 

The core motto and philosophy of Hamdard Foundation is service of Humanity through Medical, Scientific, Educational and Cultural activities. Since then through hard work and dedication Hamdard has risen to an eminent position in the Philanthropic world as a non-governmental organization promoting health education, education, science and culture, aligning itself with the noble ideals of global organizations such as World Health Organizations (WHO), UNESCO, UNICEF and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education. 

Now the journey began with the production of Herbal Medicine to succor the sick and the ailing took arm and added dimensions. Every man has a dream for the future. The dream of Hakim Mohammed Said was to establish a City of Education, Science and Culture. This dream became a reality when in the 80’s he built the city of Madinat al-Hikmah on 350 acres of desert scrubby land near Karachi where now countless flowers of education bloom.

Madinat al-Hikmah, which means City of Knowledge and Learning, contains The Hamdard Public School, designed to impart training and education to 5000 children. It is affiliated to the UNESCO Associated Schools Projects. Hamdard University is also a part of this Madinat al-Hikmah. 

The Hamdard University with its constituent colleges and institutes namely The Hamdard College of Eastern Medicine, The Hamdard Institute of Education and Social Sciences, Hamdard Institute of Information Technology, Hamdard School of Law, Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, Hamdard Al Majeed College of Eastern Medicine, Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology, Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, Hafiz Mohammad Ilyas Institute of Pharmacology and Herbal Sciences, a teaching Hospital, The Bait al-Hikmah, which is the biggest library in Pakistan designed to hold two million books with attended facilities of reproduction micro film, microfiche, computerized holdings , rare books and manuscripts dating from 9th century onwards, Collection of coins , stamps and Photographs. There are well-equipped laboratories research and development for the use of national and international scholars. A key feature is the horticulture Garden built and maintained with the cooperation of the International Institute of Scientific Cooperation , Tubingen and the Ministry of Agriculture , Germany, where an extensive experimental cultivation of medicinal plants is carried out..

The hydro chemical laboratory also operating under the same assistance advises and guides the surrounding rural areas and local farmers on profitable cultivation of crops and medicinal plants. 

Education through recreation is demonstrated thru the setting up of a children’s park “The Naunehal Shehar”where artifacts and presentations give children a broad-spectrum view of the world. Special programmes for children in the Hamdard Public School as part of the extra curricular activities are held for training in the art of leadership. Diffusion of Knowledge and information is achieved thru a regular publishing programme of books on varied subjects, Art, Literature, History, Religion, Science and Travel. 

Hamdard has built bridges of goodwill and cooperation in the world of learning thru organizing national and international conferences on special themes in medical, scientific, education and cultural fields. More than 500 international scholars and delegates have been welcomed at Hamdard. These conferences have been held at local convention centers or at Bait al Hikmah auditorium, where the facility of simultaneous interpretation in 5 languages is available. Residential facilities are provided to the delegates at the Scholars House, which is part of the Madinat al Hikmah.

Philanthropy assumes many other forms, free eye camps, mobile dispensaries, outdoors clinics. Free medicines, scholarships to deserving students, health education thru the media, all these form part of Hamdard’s philanthropic activities.

Future plans include the setting up of a Nations Ville for the meeting and congregation of scholars from all nations and international conference center, University residences, mosque, sports and youth centers, hospital and a house of peace

What is the philosophy that motivates Hamdard? It is the belief that no man is an island, that we should give to others as much as we receive. It is this belief that sustains our journey to strive for a better life, better education, and excellence in all undertakings. Much has been accomplished thru the efforts of Hamdard alone, much is to be done. The possibilities are limitless in the future but we need to hold hands with the rest of the world to sustain our faith and endeavor to share in the work for betterment, human welfare and universal peace. We need you to help us in our journey for humanity.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, a non-governmental organization working for the betterment of humanity.