Free Patient Scheme Hamdard University Hospital (Taj Medical Complex)

Hamdard University Hospital (Taj Medical Complex) is a teaching hospital providing treatment to its patients at subsidized rates as well as the training to its under graduates /graduates and post graduates medical students to the best of its capabilities.

However, it has been experienced over the years that self-patients coming to this hospital belong to the poor/low income cadre, who in many instances, cannot afford to pay their medical bills and some are unable to set balance amounts at the time of discharge. As a result, hospital has to give them discount to settle their bills due to their un-affordability factor and miserable condition. Hospital has been helping to poor patients to its maximum but due to its financial limitations, many cases are not entertained.

In the above circumstances, The President, Sadia Rashid, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, launched new health programme “Free Patient Scheme” in Karachi at mid of this year in order to provide free treatment facilities to the deserving and low-income people.

Now people got the facility of free treatment from Hamdard University Hospital (Taj Medical Complex) under “Free Patient Scheme” programme.

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