Medium of Instruction


A high standard of education of English and Urdu is maintained at Hamdard Public School. It prides itself in being a bilingual school. Hamdard Public School is not meant for a particular region. Besides Karachi, students from all parts of Pakistan may study here. Children of overseas Pakistanis, the Arab and the Muslim world may also benefit from this institution. In the light of this fact the possibilities of teaching Arabic language is being considered. Teaching of foreign languages such as Persian, French, German, Russian and Chinese is also envisioned.

Student-Teacher Ratio

A strong and lasting personal contact is a pre-requisite of high standard education and training. This is possible only if a reasonable balance is created between the number of students and teachers. This compatibility has to be ensured so that a teacher is able to pay maximum attention to all the students. The maximum number of students per class at Hamdard Public School is 30.