International Children’s Health Conference



A Brief Introduction

All countries of the world and the inhabitants have many wishes in their hearts and among them common is to maintain their physical health. Underdeveloped and poor countries face common problems of health at large scale.

Every country as well and each and every person according to their resources struggle to overcome health problems and maintain a healthy society but the organization which has been working on solving problems related to health of nations is World Health Organization.

This is a subsidiary organization of United Nations whose offices and employees have been busy and active in all countries of the world to overcome health problems.

World Health Organization has been busy in solving health issues and celebrates World Health Day on 7th April of every year which is a remarkable tradition. The problem which affects human body becomes their slogan and a campaign gets starting for information and necessary precautions relating to health.

As we know that the foundation of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan is based on one of the fundamental purposes and which is to maintain human health. On the accession of World Health Day, Hamdard Foundation being a part of WHO holds an international health conference for children in which children from different countries and different cities of Pakistan participate and give speeches on the slogan given by WHO. Afterwards the speeches are published in the form of a comprehensive report and sent to the important centers, different health departments of Pakistan and embassies of the participative countries.

This noble act of circulating latest information and precautions in regard to health has been continuing since 1991 to date and will be continuing in future, too by the grace of Allah.

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