Annual Medical Checkup

A Medical Checkup Camp is put up at the School campus every year. A qualified Medical team conducts checkups including (a) ENT (b) Dental (c) Ophthalmic (d) Blood grouping and (e) General physical checkup. Reports with the team’s recommendations are sent to the parents for information and follow up.

First Aid Facilities

A full time qualified nurse is available during school hours to provide first aid facilities. Emergency cases are referred to the Hamdard College of Medicine in the adjacent building or to the Shifa-ul-Mulk Dispensary nearby where doctors are available.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parent-Teacher meetings are held twice a year to provide an opportunity to the parents to discuss the academic progress of their child with teachers.

Audio-Visual Facilities

Modern audio-visual aids and and devices are used to make education interesting and effective for the students.

Science/Computer Laboratories

Spacious Science Laboratories have been equipped with most modern equipment. Computer Labs have top of the line systems, which are frequently up-graded to keep in step with the fast developments in the Information Technology field.


The School organises excursions and field trips to places of historical interest and educational value for its students.