Aims & Objectives


The aim of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan is to create excellent educational institutions at higher levels. It is aware of the fact that the contemporary state of education in the developing world is not satisfactory and is not in line with our psyche. The aim in establishing the Public School system is to create a dignified personality and in higher education to develop a new paradigm of knowledge which can go beyond the narrow confines of information trade. In simple terms, students are taught to keep “the company of great thoughts, the inspiration of great ideals, the example of great achievements, the consolation of great failures” so that fortified with character and spirit they may face life with dignity and courage.

True Muslim

The objective and aim of establishing Hamdard Public School is to create healthy and sober young men and women equipped with a high standard of education, which is in complete accordance with our ideals.
In simple words the spirit of inspiration from great ideas, great objectives and the glorious parts of our history and the capability to learn from the mistakes and shortcomings committed earlier shall be inculcated among the students. This will enable each student to face the challenges and the realities of life.


The plan of Hamdard Public School includes one mosque which has been named Masjid Abu Hussein.