20th International Children’s Health Conference



20th International Children’s Health Conference


(Held on Wednesday 6th April 2011)

Dear Children,

This Year’s WHO theme is  ‘Antimicrobial Resistance and its Global Spread’. ‘Micro’ means ‘very small’ – something we need a microscope to see – like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites, many of which cause infectious diseases. So ‘microbials’ simply means ‘germs’. ‘Anti’ means ‘against’. So ‘antimicrobials’ are the medicines or drugs which fight against germs, while the ones fighting specifically against bacteria are ‘antibiotics’.

The first antibiotic discovered – almost accidentally – was Penicillin, in 1928, ushering in a new era in medicine. This, and other antibiotics which research discovered, were hailed as ‘miracle drugs’. They were effective against germs which had so far not only caused serious diseases and conditions, but even death. And doctors began prescribing them and saving lives.

But unfortunately, life – even of a microbe – is not simple. Bacteria started building resistance to available antibiotics, so that drugs became less and less effective in combating them. Newer, stronger drugs often had more undesirable side effects.

Chief among the many and complicated reasons for this resistance-building, are the over-use and misuse of antibiotics. Both doctors and patients are responsible for this. Doctors tend to use more antibiotics than necessary – sometimes even as a precautionary measure rather than need. And patients are not only too impatient to wait for tests to show which antibiotic would be most effective, but often don’t complete the prescribed drug course, stopping medication as soon as they start feeling better. The result? Bacteria which, instead of being killed, are merely temporarily weakened, only to rise and spread again – this time with an in-built resistance!

We must all co-operate to reverse this trend, and prevent the world reverting to a place where people die of diseases they can now cure or control. Join the fight against this danger! Participate in our Children’s Health Conference.

Sadia Rashid, 
Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.


Ms. Madiha Imtiaz (English)
Hamdard Village School
Ms. Ramsha Hayder (Urdu)
Hamdard Public School
Ms. Atiya Sarwar (Urdu)
Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry
Ms. Yusra Tariq (Urdu)
Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry
Ms. Sana Zaidi (Urdu)
Hamdard Al-Majeed College of Eastern Medicine
Aymon Vardah  Liaquat (Urdu)
University of Medical & Health Sciences
Javed Khan (Urdu)
City EnglishSchool
Abid Ali (English)
Pak Land Public School
Ms. Eeman Rafi (English)
Peshawar Public School & College
Ms. Sundus Gul (English)
Army Public School
Ms. Naveen Faisal (English)
Hamdard Public School
Ms. Eraj (English)
John Cathedral School              
Akhpalwak (English)
Tameer-i-Nau Model School
Syed Faique Bukhari (Urdu)



Fahd Abdullah Dhafir Alshari (Arabic)
Muhammad Etain (Arabic)
Amir Shauqi Mohammad Khalid Abbasi (English)
Ms. Alvina Munir  (German)
Ms. Leena Hameed  (Arabic)


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