Hakim Mohammed Said Scholarship


After the martyrdom of Hakim Mohammed Said, in order to remined the nation, his love and efforts for education in Pakistan, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan from the beginning of the 21st Century started awarding Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship to Matric Pass and Inter Pass Meritorious students.


Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has been regularly awarding this Scholarship every year  on merit cum need basis to the Matric Pass and Inter Pass Meritorious Students of Karachi, Lahore Peshawar and Quetta boards of education. Matric Pass students are paid Rs.3000/= per month per student  initially for one year. The scholarship is renewed for 2nd year on good performance of the student.

Inter Pass students are paid @ Rs.5000/= per month per student initially for one year. The scholarship is renewed every year till completion of studies subject to good performance of the student.

For Hakim Mohammed Said Memorial Scholarship, 40 students are selected every year on merit cum need basis as fallows.


City Matric Pass Inter Pass
Board Student Student
Karachi 5 5
Karachi (HLW) 2 2
Karachi (Special) 1 1
Lahore 4 4
Peshawar 4 4
Quetta 4 4
Total 20 20 = 40


The criteria of this scholarship is not the marks obtained by the students only, but the financial position of the parents/ guardians and number of dependents are taken into consideration. In all cases of this scholarship the decision of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan will be final.

 During the year 2013-14 Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has paid Rs.2,542,688/= to 64 students on account of Scholarships.